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Governor Committees

Curriculum & Performance Committee


Alice Venning Foundation Governor


  • Anne Hipwell Staff Governor
  • Anna Watkinson Parent Governor
  • Lisa Rowe Head Teacher
  • Wayde Vardy Parent Governor
  • Vicki Wood Community Governor (Secretary)

The curriculum committee ensures that all children have access to the national curriculum and that high academic standards are maintained. To do this we discuss the school’s curriculum policies, monitor the quality of teaching and study the annual attainment test results. We also check that pupils with additional needs are provided for and treated fairly.


Health & Safety Committee


Anna Watkinson Parent Governor


  • Lynne Hammond Parent Governor
  • Pete SavageCommunity Governor
  • Lisa Rowe Head Teacher
  • Darrell Marchand Business Manager, Staff H&S Representative (Clerk)       

The Health & Safety committee ensures that all the children have a suitable and safe school environment. To do this we check that the buildings are fit for purpose and well maintained. We carry out risk assessments where appropriate and address any health and safety concerns that arise.


Finance & Personnel Committee


  • Nicola Lacey Parent Governor


  • Lisa Rowe Head Teacher
  • Darrell Marchand School Business Manager
  • Clarrie Haynes Non-governor Member
  • Julie Carvell Clerk to the Governors

The Finance & Personnel committee oversees the financial management of the school and makes sure that it operates within budget and makes the most effective use of the funds it receives from the County Council.  The Committee helps the Head Teacher to set a 3 year plan of projected income and expenditure and also advises on policies relating to financial matters such as the School’s Lettings Policy.  Other roles include overseeing the appointment of all staff in the school, their professional development and their well-being. To do this we discuss the school’s policies related to personnel including behaviour and attendance policies, equal opportunities policies relating to staff and pupils, anti-bullying and child safeguarding policies.