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At Woodstock CE Primary School we believe that children learn best in a well-organised, calm and secure environment where purposeful and self-disciplined behaviour is expected. We want every child in our school to feel confident, happy and safe. As a caring church school we have the highest of expectations in terms of learning, behaviour and attitudes, and encourage our children to develop similar beliefs in their own potential, together with pride in their achievement.

The aims of the school, and the rules of behaviour consistently promoted in each classroom, are ones that emphasise positive behaviour and collaboration in striving for excellence. These are embodied in the principles of our Code of Behaviour:

  • Every pupil has an entitlement to learning without being distracted by the negative behaviour of others.
  • Every child in our school is valued. Abuse of any kind will not be tolerated.
  • We strive to develop the full potential of every individual in our school, therefore, we do not accept discrimination in any form.
  • Everyone in our school community should be happy. Bullying is completely against our ethos and will be dealt with firmly and fairly if it ever occurs.
  • All children should respect school property and the property of others.

Whole-school systems emphasising praise, recognition and reward exist to promote and celebrate sustained effort and hard work, and contributions towards the school community.

All forms of bullying and harassment are considered to be unacceptable and are not tolerated within the school environment. All incidents will be taken very seriously and followed up in accordance with our Anti-bullying Policy which is available below.

The school’s abhorrence of such behaviours is communicated to pupils, parents and staff, for example through the curriculum, weekly newsletters, and staff training. All parents of new pupils receive a summary of the school’s behaviour expectations and Anti-bullying Policy as part of an Induction Pack.

All staff are expected to deal with any discriminatory incident that may occur. They are expected to know how to identify and challenge prejudice and stereotyping; and to support the full range of diverse needs according to a pupil’s individual circumstances.  As a school we believe bullying is best prevented through an ethos based on mutual respect and equality. The raising of children’s self-esteem and self-confidence is central to the work and life of the school. We recognise that in the school environment bullying can have a devastating effect on learning and the emotional health and well-being of pupils. Challenging bullying effectively will improve the safety and happiness of pupils, show that the school cares and make clear to bullies that such behaviour is unacceptable. In addition, these benefits translate into improved life outcomes for pupils, a more satisfying working life for staff, and a more successful and inclusive school community.


Please find policies for Behaviour, Anti-bullying and Online Safety on our Policies page of the website here.