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Bright Ideas Time


Pupils begin each science lesson with a big question, concept cartoon, odd one out exercise or PMI (positive, minus, interesting point) task to consider.  These are designed as a hook into the lesson, a way of assessing knowledge and understanding, identifying misconceptions and developing pupils reasoning skills.  Key is how children explain and justify their thinking using appropriate scientific vocabulary.


“The most important thing is to never

                                  stop questioning.” Albert Einstein


Bright Ideas Time is one of the teaching strategies recommended in the ‘Thinking, Doing, Talking Science’ (2015) research project.  Along with a range of other measures the study demonstrated that accelerated progress was made by pupils where science was practical, creative and challenging.



Big questions

Why don’t the birds fall from the sky?

Does eating lots of carrots help you see in the dark?

Why does jelly wobble?



Concept cartoon

Who do you think is right and why?  Justify your thinking using scientific vocabulary.






Odd One Out


Which is the odd one out and why?  Explain your thinking.








What is positive, negative and interesting about being a giraffe?