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Esafety Committee

The Online Safety Committee is group of children who represent their peers and bring forward their views and ideas to raise awareness of the safe use of technology. The Committee is made up of one pupil representative from each class from Years 3-6, together with a Chair.

The Online Safety Committee has been running since 2013 and our achievements have grown each year, including being re-accredited with the 360 Safe Accreditation Award in 2019.  At the time, we were the only Oxfordshire School to have achieved this.

At the meetings, attended by Mrs Poole and Chair of Governors, Nicola Lacey, we look at ways to further raise awareness about how we can keep ourselves and each other safe online and when using technology.  We don’t just decide ourselves what to do, our class suggest ideas for us to take to meetings. The Year 6 Chair prepares the agenda and we meet once a term.