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Golden Ball - FAQ

If you have any questions about The Golden Ball please contact us here. Some of the frequently asked questions are below. 

Q: What do I do if I have been allocated tickets and no longer want them or one of them? 

A: All tickets are non-transferable.

Unwanted allocation of tickets must be put back into the Ballot as there is a Waitlist.

Any unwanted ticket allocations should be returned by contacting with the name of the person unable to attend. Those unwanted ticket allocations will then be reallocated by The School according to the order of the Waitlist.

Each ticket (when issued after your payment later this week (and before 22nd March) will be named. You will need to present your named ticket on entry to the Palace on the evening of The Golden Ball as the Blenheim Gatehouse will have a list of names against which your tickets will be checked.

Q: My ParentMail Payment option is asking for payment for both of my requested and now allocated tickets (£60.00). How do I buy just 1 ticket? 

A: Please pay for your ticket at The School Office by Cheque (made payable to Woodstock Primary School) or by cash. All payments must be made by 22nd March. Any tickets not paid for by this date will automatically be returned to the Ballot and offered to those on the Waitlist.