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Library Expectations

We ask that children:

  • Treat books kindly.
  • Help each other.
  • Check out their books on the computer using their barcode.
  • Return a book by scanning the barcode into the computer, waiting for it to say, ‘RETURNED’ and then putting the book in the returns box.
  • Tidy up before leaving.
  • Using the library after school are accompanied by a parent or responsible adult.

Most important of all:  READ, READ, READ.  If the book checked out doesn’t suit you, simply return it and pick out another one!


Borrowing Policy

Every child is assigned a barcode/PIN for borrowing books, which they need to check out using Junior Librarian. This barcode/PIN stays the same for their entire time at Woodstock CE Primary.

Children may borrow up to two books at a time for four weeks. The books can be renewed after that time. To renew a book, bring it back, scan it into Junior Librarian, and then check it out again.

Pupil barcode/PIN stickers are issued to all KS2 children every September and are inserted in their Home/School Links Book.

KS1 stickers are issued at the discretion of teachers.  If KS1 children are very young or aren’t yet independent readers, we may advise that they visit the library with a parent after school.

All parents are welcome to visit the Library with their children after school on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. Look for our laminated ‘how-to’ guides for directions on how to check out and return books!


How to Identify a School Library Book

Not sure if the book your child brought home is a school library book?  Our books are usually stamped Woodstock CE Primary School on one of the first few pages. You’ll also find a 5-digit barcode on the inner cover (occasionally the first page). Books should also have a small colored label on the spine. If in doubt, bring it in and scan the barcode into the computer, or leave it with the Office.