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Number Work

Activities to try at home:

  • Play dice games with your child e.g. Snakes and Ladders.
  • Talk about house numbers, car number plates etc. Challenge your child to identify the numbers and say which is one more and one less than the ones they see.
  • Use toys or other items to practise practical addition and subtraction. Demonstrate counting on (addition) and counting back (subtraction). Challenge your child to see if they can write the appropriate number sentence.
  • Go on a 2D and 3D shape hunt around the house and ask your child to describe their properties. Encourage them to use the correct language such as 'sides', 'corners' and 'vertices'.
  • Build models and create patterns using junk modelling and discuss the shapes used.
  • Compare size, weight and capacity. Encourage your child to use  words like 'longer', 'shorter', 'heavier', 'lighter', 'full' and 'empty'. Create opportunities for comparison.

Below are some resources that may be of use to you.