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Playground Leaders

What are Playground Leaders?

Playground Leaders are Year 5 and 6 children who lead fun physical activities for our other children at lunchtimes. The volunteers take part in training and then work in small teams to organise games and fun sessions to help keep themselves and others active. The PGLs take it in turns to give one lunchtime per week to the scheme. In doing so, they gain valuable experience of leadership and volunteering, including team work skills, organisational competence and developing their powers of communication.

What rewards can the PGL's give out?

If the PGLs think that a particular class have played well during a lunch time they can speak with the class teacher about awarding them a class Community Credit . PGL’s will also have to decide on one person per week to receive a PGL certificate in a Friday Celebration assembly.

What awards can our PGL's earn?

The PGL’s work towards different level of awards. If they complete 6 hours of PGL duties they will receive their bronze award, 12 hours will earn them a silver award and 18 hours will earn them a gold award. Each PGL will have a record card which will need to be signed off at the end of lunch times, it is the PGLs responsibility to ensure that it is done.

How do you become a PGL at Woodstock Primary School?

Children in Year 5 & 6 can apply to be a PGL at the beginning of the academic year.  They receive a job description and need to wrte a letter of applicaion to Mrs Rowe, Headeacher and Mrs Leach, PGL Co-ordinator.  The applications re considered and children are invited to attend an interview to discuss their suitability for the role. The most suitable Playground Leaders are then carefully selected and offered a position.


Playground Leaders