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STEM Assemblies

Scientists and engineers are invited to share about a day in their working lives, to provide real life examples of how the STEM subjects of Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths are used in the work place and inspire pupils about future STEM careers.  In these whole school monthly assemblies we have welcomed an F1 race engineer, orthopaedic surgeon, medical engineers, a biomedical sceintist, a design engineer, civil engineers to name but a few.  Pupils have asked a range of deep and insightful questions and the feedback from both pupils and staff is incredibly positive.


Some experts run a follow-up workshop for a specific year group linked to their science topic.  We've had sessions on forces (linked to F1 cars), the skeletal system, micro-organisms and more.

September 2017

Staff and pupils were fascinated to hear about the innovative work of the team at local company, Animal Dynamics.  The wonders of nature are inspiring the creation of technologies such as dragonfly drones intended for specific use in combat operations as well as a water speed record attempt.

June 2017

A team of civil engineers informed and entertained the young audience with examples of structural engineering bridge successes and examples of where things can go wrong if the correct calculationsand procedures are not followed. 










May 2017

Learning about the role of the design engineer was fascinating.  Pupils thoroughly enjoyed testing eye wear and phone technologies.









April 2017

Clinical engineers taught pupils about how medical technology can assist a child with disabilities to go to the park with friends or communicate.  Powered chairs, pressure mapping technologies and eye gaze software were all explored.

March 2017 

We discovered about the role of a biomedical scientist as well as learning all about micro-organisms.








February 2017

The wonders of the muscoloskeletal system and insight into life as an orthopaedic surgeon.




January 2017

The Bloodhound SSC education team enlightened us about the design and engineering behind the land speed record attempt.  Pupils then got to design and make their very own model rocket cars which travelled up to 50mph on the playground!

December 2016

A day in the life of a Formula One race engineer.