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What is your PTA fundraising for this year?

This page is currently being updated and will soon include full details about the initiatives your PTA - with your support - is fundraising for this year. For some of the exciting initiatives we helped support last year please check out the details in the recent AGM Report

With your help, the PTA supports the funding of all those little extras which enhance the lives of our children at Woodstock Primary School. Have a look here at all the incredible initiatives you and your PTA has already helped to deliver. 

We are always interested to hear what you think the school could benefit from that it doesn't have already. What do you feel our children would enjoy and would further improve their lives at Woodstock Primary School? Please send all your ideas here for considering at our next PTA Committee Meeting

  • All ideas will be collated and we will organise a meeting to discuss them. We would ask that if you put an idea forward which requires discussion, that you please join us for the meeting so that all suggestions can be discussed openly with you and the PTA Team. We value your input and support in helping us fully understand your ideas and getting them off the ground!
  • We will post the agenda and meeting date online and via the Woodstock Weekly so that you have plenty of chance to join us and let us know what you would like to discuss. This will help us plan the agenda and schedule appropriate time for discussion. Please look out for emails about this too!
  • Any ideas put forward need to be able to be supported by the school in terms of resource available and the space in the timetable. The school maximises the timetable for our children but is limited beyond our control by the government in terms of what can/cannot be covered. We cannot manage our timetable in the same way independent schools do and the prospect of lengthening the school day to cover more subjects is complex and costly beyond our budgetary means. 
  • If your ideas require additional resource support to realise them, we would be grateful for the receipt of a high-level proposal about how this could realistically be supported to get the idea off the ground. For example, the recent example of the After-school Club programme was an idea a parent had. The parent presented a short proposal to the school about how this could be designed, implemented and sustained and then worked closely with the school to design the schedule within the remit of possibility to get the programme off the ground. This is the best approach to see your ideas come to life and one which we wholeheartedly support. We always strive to partner with parents and we value the positive part you play in this approach.


The PTA will happily act as a vehicle to purchase items and implement ideas that will benefit the school and our children. We work very closely with the school to benefit all children but the PTA is not a conduit for your concerns about the school and what the school can/cannot / does/does not offer.  If you have concerns about anything to do with the curriculum or the wider education your children are experiencing, please contact Lisa Rowe via the school office. Lisa and her team is always very happy and available to listen to your concerns and how these can be resolved for the greater good of the school and your children.